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Australian Review of Moji

Moji specialises in innovative sports recovery products. Moji focuses on helping people from all ages to move better and maintain an active and pain-free lifestyle. Their product range includes patented products that combine hot and cold therapy with sports massage tools. Their most popular products are the MojiHeat Foam Roller, the Moji heated ball and the Moji Pro range (freezable massage tools).

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Australian review of the Hyperice Vyper 2.0

The Hyperice Vyper2.0 is a premium foam roller that has the same shape and size of a regular foam roller, but the Vyper 2.0 includes a decisive enhancement: It embeds an advance vibration technology developed by its manufacturer HYPERICE… and this changes everything!

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Upright Pro Posture Trainer Australian Review

A bad posture is one of the most common conditions Australians suffer from; it can be caused by long hours spent behind a desk or worsen as we age. And while the causes may vary from one person to the other, treating this condition requires time, effort and most importantly CONSISTENCY which is something that many people can’t achieve because of to their busy life. Upright PRO is a smart device that can help reduce back problems, we have reviewed it for you.

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Painpod Australian Review

Painpod...this brand has been leading the industry in Australia lately by not only embracing and overcoming the pain control concept but actually enhancing the human body’s physical abilities to bare pain, accelerate recovery and increase muscle strength. We have reviewed the brand to help you understand it a little more and help you decide whether Painpod is worth the investment.

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The Studies Behind The Upright Pro Posture Trainer

The team behind UPRIGHT PRO decided to conduct several studies to prove the efficiency of their product. They collaborated with multiple institutions and companies to help raise awareness about proper posture habits, test their posture trainer’s efficiency on a larger scale and educate us more about its potentials.

Discover the results in this article.

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