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Ankle Sprain

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Ankle sprains account for about 70% of all ankle injuries. They’re common. And they are painful, to say the least. They can also happen suddenly. You might have rolled your ankle on unstable ground or during a quick change in direction. Or perhaps when landing from a jump. Immediately, you feel pain. And unfortunately, this pain often tends to get in the way of your daily activities.

Luckily, there’s plenty of ways to treat an ankle sprain.

During the first three days of ankle sprain, The ankle should be immobilized in a neutral or in slight dorsiflexion .Back To Sport ankle brace keeps your ankle in the desired position, promotes compression to reduce pain, swelling and ensure recovery.

Applying Ice compression on the Injured ankle would also be beneficial to decrease the swelling and decrease pain sensation.

An Ankle Resistance exercise using resistance band and tubes would be recommended in the late stage or recoververy period of the sprained ankle to help regain strength, and return function

Applying Kinesiotape to the ankle will provide biofeedback and ankle support to lessen the occurence of sprain.