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Hyperice Extended Shoulder Device

The cold therapy device you need for any shoulder injury, with twice the icing surface area compared to the regular Shoulder ice compression device.
It is sleek, compact, and comfortable. Ideal for any sports that involve throwing, swinging or striking.

  • $149.95

How comfortable would it be to have an ice pack perfectly adapted to the size of your shoulder when you get injured?

The Extended Shoulder Ice Compression device from Hyperice is perfectly adapted for large size athlete, and will give you a perfect fit.

The Extended Shoulder Ice Compression device allows you to do other activities while having a cold therapy treatment. You don’t have to hold it in place, you don’t have to move the ice pack around, the Extended Shoulder Ice compression delivers the optimal cold to the Shoulder to best experience the benefits provided by cold therapy.

Select Left or Right side at purchase.


Benefits of the Knee Compression Device: 

Provides optimal cold therapy for:
  • Rotator cuff tendonitis/tears,

  • AC joint pain,

  • strained tendons,

  • bursitis,

  • shoulder impingements,

  • overuse of the shoulder. 


Compression sleeve:
  • 3mm Premium grade compression neoprene with velcro-plush finish

  • Select either a right or left shoulder wrap for ice compression

  • Non restrictive design allows for greater range of motion and mobility while icing

  • Provides optimal compression while maintaining a comfortable fit 

  • Machine Washable 

Ice cell features:

  • Built in air release valve enables maximum compression

  • Ultra-thin, durable cell "skin" for rapid cold transfer and depth of penetration 

  • Flexible Ice Cell conforms to the body's contours, maximizing the points of contact 

  • Antimicrobial cell "skin" prevents the growth of microbes (bacteria, fungi)

  • Easy to load, wide mouth opening

  • Built in water tight seal provides resistance against leaks

  • Flange collar design locks ice cell into place for stability

How To Use:

  • 1 Fill the Ice Cell 2/3 with ice- do not add water. Crushed ice or small ice nuggets work best with all Hyperice products.

  • 2 Place the Ice Cell on a flat surface and flatten out- removing as much air from the Ice Cell as possible before securing the cap 

  • 3 Insert the Ice Cell into the Compression Wrap

  • 4 Place on the body and apply the compression straps to the desired level of compression.

  • 5 Lightly press the Air Release Valve to remove air from the Ice Cell. For added compression, re-tighten the compression straps after the air has been released.

  • 6 Leave the device on for 15-20 minutes. Press the Air Release Valve once every 5 minutes to release any air that accumulates during the treatment to sustain optimal compression.