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Loumet Fitness Ball Pro

The Loumet Fitness Ball Pro is an extremely durable, firm and flexible fitness ball. Offering user safety, reliability and longer lasting use.

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The Loumet Fitness Ball is manufactured using the exclusive "Metflex" compound. It has been officially weight tested by Adelaide University to hold 350kg (770lbs) without bursting. Unofficial weight testing has shown the Pro ball to have a static weight loading in excess of 1000kg (2200lbs).
The Loumet Fitness Ball Pro is a great tool which can aid in increasing muscle strength, flexibility and balance.
Posture & Performance
The Loumet Fitness Ball encourages proper posture during work tasks such as typing or computer work. By adding a Loumet Fitness Ball to your workout, you vary the exercises you can perform in your total body workout routine.
Stretching & Flexibility
Many stretching positions are difficult to maintain, but the curved surface of the Loumet Fitness Ball helps support the back during stretching.
Strength & Muscle Tone
The Loumet Fitness Ball is one of the safest and most effective devices for improving muscle tone and strength in the abdominals and lower back.