SKLZ Foot Massage Ball
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SKLZ Foot Massage Roller product
SKLZ Foot Massage Ball in use - woman rolling
SKLZ Foot Massage Ball in use - Woman rolling shins
SKLZ Foot Massage Ball in use - Man rolling back
SKLZ Foot Massage Ball  in use

SKLZ Foot Massage Ball


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SKLZ resistance elastic bands foam roller

Designed to increase foot and ankle mobility, with a unique texture to help stimulate circulation. The 2.5-inch Foot Massage Ball is the ideal size to relieve aches and pains and target small muscle groups.

Roll away the minor foot aches and pains associated with training. With a unique size and texture, the SKLZ Foot Massage Ball helps stimulate circulation, increase mobility and target small muscle groups to aid in recovery. It is portable, water resistant and easy to use.



  • Designed to relieve minor aches and pains associated with the foot
  • Distinct texture stimulates circulation and increases mobility, aiding recovery
  • 2.5” ball is ideal for targeting small muscles through deep tissue compression massage
  • Portable and easy to use
  • Water resistant and easy to clean

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