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Theraband FlexBar

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Theraband FlexBar is a high-quality treatment for Tennis Elbow and Golfer’s Elbow

The TheraBand FlexBar can be used to improve grip strength in the arm, hand and shoulder.

This durable, high-quality treatment for Tennis Elbow or Golfer's Elbow has been research-proven to eliminate pain and provide an effective, non-surgical option to increasing your strength and endurance.

It works to improve upper extremities and decrease pain through bending, twisting or oscillating.

There are 4 level of resistance, make sure you choose the the right level for you:

Yellow - Extra Light - 2.7kg/6lbs of force

Red - Light - 4.5kg/10 lbs. of force

Green - Medium - 6.8kg/15 lbs. of force

Blue - Heavy- 11.3kg/25 lbs. of force

The FlexBar's color-coded resistance levels are suitable for improving grip and forearm strength in all ages, ranging from youths to seniors and even elite athletes.

Theraband Flexbar colour code explanation


  • Available in four progressive resistance levels.
  • Using a FlexBar to do the Tyler Twist exercise has been clinically proven to reduce elbow pain by 81% and increase strength by 72% for tennis elbow patients
  • Rubber bar has easy to grip texture with ridges for comfortable use during bending, twisting, and oscillating movements
  • Great for cricket players, golfers, and tennis players, and those suffering from overuse to strengthen the arm and shoulder and reduce pain in the forearm and elbow.
  • 30 cm long, 4cm diameter bar made from dry natural rubber, takes 4.5kg of force to bend to a U-shape in red colour


FlexBar how to use in 2 easy steps

Learn more about the product and the exercises

Customer Reviews

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Great product

The flexbar can be used in many different ways to build up strength and overcome arm injuries, highly recommended.


Theraband FlexBar

Theraband Flexbar

I have been using the green Flexbar for 2 weeks now to treat tennis elbow (Tyler Twist - 3 sets of 15 reps, twice a day). I have noticed a reduction in pain while undertaking normal daily activities, and less tenderness in the lateral epicondylar region. Will continue using the Flexbar, and hopefully I'll be pain free in the not too distant future.

Does what it says on the tin

I haven't been using them for long enough yet to comment on long term effectiveness, but if you've watched the online tutorials they perform exactly as you expect. Purchasing the correct strength could be tricky. I bought the green and blue after trying out a friends red theraband. Be warned, there is a big jump in difficultly from the green to the blue. Depending on your strength and the severity of elbow pain you are treating, the red is probably a good starting level for most people

Injury Rehab

The Flexbar has been a great addition to my injury rehab from a wrist fracture. Being able to adjust the amount of pressure I put on my wrist just be the distance I move the bar couldn’t have been easier. As my rehab has progressed I was able to introduce additional exercises with the one device. As my wrist strengthened I was able to simply add more repetitions to increase the exercise load.
I would recommend the Flexbar to anyone recovering from a similar injury.