Handheld Massagers


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      As a personal tool, a handheld massager can be extremely versatile. It can be used as a simple relaxing massage tool after a hard day of work, but it can also be used to target specific muscle pains in the case of sports recovery or injury management. It is also the ideal tool for chronic pains.

      The handheld massagers can also be used by professional massage therapists, as they prepare the body for a deeper massage session by releasing tension from the muscles.

      What do you need to look for?

      It is important to look at the power of the motor, as the more powerful it is, the deeper the massage will be. However, more powerful often means a heavier product, so you compromise on portability.

      Settings and Adaptability

      Look at the settings and the interchangeable heads. Some devices offer several modes, and can offer interchangeable heads to help focusing on very targeted area for deep massaging or to massage a broader area for a more relaxing massage.


      Some massagers propose a heat function, ideal for pain management as the heat relieve tension and improve blood circulation. It is a useful addition to look for.