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Knee Sprain

Mueller Self-adjusting knee stabilizer in use
Mueller Self-Adjusting Knee Stabilizer
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Knee Sprain in an Injury to one of the ligaments around the knee joint

Knee brace is recommended for patients with Knee Sprain. This will help support and stabilize the knee joint. It can also restrict unintended knee motion.

Sprained knee treatment includes wearing a brace to aid the knee, improve stability and prevent further injury. An Elastic Knee support is the most affordable and simple knee brace that has a firm comfortable support for sprained,stiff, weak, or sore knees.

Wraparound Knee Support provides more support than to the knee than the elastic knee support. It improves circulation and assists in healing and increased joint flexibility. Open patella design helps relieve pressure on kneecap

A Knee Sprain may also present with swelling and pain. Back to sport recommend to pair this with Ice Compression bags and devices to minimize swelling and reduce the pain.