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Meniscus Tear

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Mueller Advanced Patella Strap
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Meniscus tear recovery involves wearing of knee brace specially after surgery.Meniscus tear occurs when the foot is fixed on the ground and the femur is rotated internally such as seen when getting out of the car and pivoting. An ACL tear injury often comes along with meniscus tear. The medial meniscus is more prone to injury than the lateral meniscus.

Back to Support Knee Stabilizers provides support to the knee, improves circulation and assists in healing and increased joint flexibility. The Open patella design helps relieve pressure on kneecap and improve patellar tracking. The wraparound design allow for easy on/off and custom fit.

A hinged knee brace would be the ideal choice just after the ACL surgery. It has Bilateral support hinges for stability and increased performance wich helps prevent and heal ACL/PCL Injuries, medial/lateral instability, hyper extension, patella instability, meniscus injuries, ligament sprains