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Equipment Mat

Protect your fitness machine with the recommended BH Fitness Equipment Mat to ensure the life of the machine is maximised

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Why is the BH Fitness Equipment Mat important under ALL units?

The units are typically heavy in their own right then take the additional weight of a person moving around/exerting pressure on it so the unit absorbs a lot of pressure. The equipment benefits from the appropriate solution to absorb movement and soften any impact against floor surfaces.

Benefits for a hard surface?

The units are heavy and can move around when being used. Without the appropriate protection under the unit the unit will typically find the kink in the floor (between tiles, marginally uneven surfaces, slippery surfaces etc.) and bash against that gap taking the unit out of alignment.

Can I put the unit on carpet?

Carpet being used under bikes/rowers/ellipticals is that the movement of the flywheel attracts all of the dust fibres inside the unit which can accumulate over time and cause issues.

The warmth and movement of the motor can attract dust fibres from carpet onto the circuit board of a treadmill which can impede the electronics system.

The BH Fitness Equipment Mat has been purpose built for these heavy duty pieces of Home Fitness equipment

To ensure the life of the unit is maximised it is strongly recommended that the unit be placed on a purpose built

BH Fitness Equipment Mat.


Dimension: 90cm x 180cm.