Shiatsu Massagers

Shiatsu Massagers like cushions and seat covers offer a very similar experience to a massage chair, but a for a fraction of the cost. These massagers are a very good alternative as they don’t take as much space, they can be installed in any chair or sofa and they are easy to use. They can easily be stored away after a massage session.

Shiatsu massagers use a pressure-based technique: Balls within the cushion knead or roll on your back and neck muscles.

 What do you need to look for? 
Massaging Area

Some shiatsu massagers only focus on lower back or neck while others will target the full body.

Size and Portability

A simple massage cushion can be used anywhere: at home, in your car, at the office… However a full-body massage device will be bulkier and even if it can be folded and stored away, it will most likely stay at home or at your office.


Some massagers offer various settings, from low to high intensity, from specific muscle groups to general areas, with or without heat… Check that your massager offers the settings you expect.