Beurer MG70 Handheld Massager
Beurer MG70 Handheld Massager
Beurer MG70 Handheld Massager

Beurer MG70 Handheld Massager


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The MG 70 is the most versatile massager in the Beurer range, and it is also the most popular. It uses a hammering motion to reach deep into the tissue. 


If you are looking for a massager that is as effective on the back as on the rest of the body, don't look further! 

The Beurer MG70 is extremely versatile:

  • Massage any part of your back without external help thanks to the long handle


  • Remove the handle and use the head of the massager conveniently on any other part of your body!

The Beurer MG70 uses a percussion technique, it creates powerful vibrations that deeply massage soft tissues.

The vibrations created unlock the knots and loosen muscles. 

It is a perfect tool to use after a workout as it increases significantly the muscle flexibility.

For the price of an hour of professional massage, you can now benefit from countless of hours of self-pampering!

Beurer is a market leader and have a long-standing reputation for quality made products, for that reason, your massager comes with a 3-year warranty, to provide full confidence that your product will give satisfaction for years to come.



  • Ideal for relieving any type of neck, shoulder or back pains

  • Ideal for those looking for a massager that can also be use efficiently on other parts of the body

  • Ideal after workout, intense manual activity or to relieve body exhaustion

  • Effective stress reliever that produces intense relaxation at every session

  • Get your massage from home, at the office at the gym... The compact size allows you to take the MG70 anywhere

  • Use the massager on a daily basis for long term results

  • A massager available anywhere, anytime... over and over again!


  • Powerful tap massage for pleasant relaxation

  • Simply removable handle

  • Massage with a handle: for inaccessible parts of the back and legs

  • Massage only with the massage head: for direct and more powerful application

  • Hand strap with Velcro fastener: steplessly adjustable for individual sizes

  • Infrared heat separately switchable

  • Continuously adjustable massage intensity

  • 2 removable massage attachments

  • Ergonomic, non-slip handle for simple and safe handling

  • Surface temperature during application of infrared: approx. 45°C (at ambient temperature of 22°C)

  • 22 watt

  • 3 year warranty


  • Decide whether you wish to use the massage device with its handle attached or without a handle, using a hand strap.

  • Put your hand under the hand strap. Using the Velcro fastener, adjust the length of the hand strap so that you can hold the massage head in your hand and guide it safely. If you wish to attach the handle again, first pull off the plug-in cover and reattach the handle until it is heard to engage.

  • You can massage with or without the massage attachment. Simply choose the massage attachment that you prefer.

  • With M+H intrared heat treatment, any massage attachments will prevent the heat supply of the infrared source. You should therefore only operate the device on ‚M‘ if a massage attachment is fitted.

  • Set the required massage speed using the control. Place the device on the part of the body which you wish to massage.

  • You can stand up, sit down or lie down and you can either massage yourself or massage somebody else.

  • Massage intensity can be varied by exerting more or less pressure on the massage device.

  • Never massage a specific part of the body for longer than 3 minutes without changing to another area of the body.

  • After using for a maximum of 20 minutes, switch off the device again, disconnect the plug and let it cool down.

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