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The Stick Original - Travel Stick

The Stick Original - Travel Stick

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The Travel Stick is the shortest version of the stick and therefore more portable. It has been popularized by the USA Cycling team.

This stick is great for use on the legs but as it is 43 cm long, it will not be as useful for the upper body as the rest of the range.

The center rod is surrounded by 8 spindles which independently roll over the muscle and has "memory" which allows the rod to return to its original position. Handles provide maximum comfort in the grip.

  • Improves flexibility, recovery, performance, injury prevention, injury therapy
  • Eliminates muscle soreness & pain
  • Can be used in the workplace to manage production fatigue and prevent repetitive strain injuries
  • Durable material

The Stick Company is US based, they have created and produced in the USA since 1991 and their tools are still considered today as some of the most useful self-massage tool on the market.

travel stick close up

Benefits :

The Stick rolls knots out of muscle, providing myofacial release & trigger point theraphy.

This therapeutic procedure inactives trigger points [muscle knots/kinks], warms muscle, increases circulation anda encourages nutrient-rich blood flow.

The Stick relieves pain, increases range of motion promotes flexibility and accelerates recovery.


Man using stick on his neck and back

Roll sides of neck, stay on the muscle,
and off the spine

Man using body stick ,Use belt or pocket to anchor

Use belt or pocket to anchor

Man standing using orignal stick

Standing or seated,muscles must be
relaxed for best results

Man using stick on his shin

Stay off the shin

Man using stick on his back

Roll one side at a time, stay off the spine

Man using stick on his back

Pressure to tolerance

Video Instructions

Muscle Management Techniques Lower Leg • Step 1

  • The Intracell, TheStick and Trigger Wheel are used to manage the lower leg
  • Place hands about 6” apart for better control and easier use of The Stick
  • Begin by rolling the muscles on the outer side of shinbone. Use short, specific back-and-forth strokes.
  • Keep muscles relaxed
Man using stick on his shin
man using stick below his knee
  • Roll lengthwise, starting at just below the knee and continue to immediately above the ankle
  • Search for trigger points [ouch pain] and roll with a progressively deeper pressure. When found . . . roll trigger points an additional 10 – 15 seconds.
  • Follow the same procedure for all the calf muscles. Remember, always try to keep muscles relaxed
  • The area between the two large muscles of the calf, downward to the heel cord, often needs special attention
  • Trigger points in the bend of the knee require a provider. The knee/leg is flat and straight.
  • Place a small wedge [folded towel] about 3” above the knee. This position exposes trigger points that often hide in the bend of the knee.
  • Duplicate the technique used in step 1. Be very gentle.
  • Roll harder and deeper – ONLY with permission. Hold The Stick with thumb & finger tips – about 6” apart.
Stick using below the knee

Lower Leg: Step 2

Woman using the stick on her feet
  • Hold the TriggerWheel in the palm … apply pressure with the thumb and index finger
  • Roll the wheel with short, specific back-and-forth passes
  • Use the when to search and find trigger points around heel/ankle
  • Be gentle – but firm
  • The TriggerWheel is also effective around the knee and other small, hard to reach, areas of the lower leg
Woman using the stick on her knee

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The Stick comes with a 90-day warranty against breakage or manufacturing defects, and a 30-day unconditional guarantee.

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