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UPRIGHT GO is the trainer that will help you correct your posture. Upright Go sits on your back and vibrates to make you aware when you slouch. It’s fast, it’s habit-building and it works!

The UPRIGHT GO is a world-leading, smart personal posture trainer. It is worn on the upper back while sitting, standing or walking and provides real-time feedback on poor posture.

It is designed to train the user to build up back and core strength to more easily hold and identify correct upright posture. It can help decrease neck and back pain through consistent  posture training, and create a lifelong habit.

Pair your UPRIGHT GO device with the free App!

The free UPRIGHT GO app provides training plans, daily training statistics during and after each training session, as well as helpful tips on how to train and maintain good posture. The app is compatible with the latest iOS and Android devices. A start-up wizard provides short videos on how to connect the GO to the device, build a profile, and how to identify correct upright posture. Once connected, users can calibrate their GO and receive a personal training plan.

 Sync your UPRIGHT GO


Benefits of UPRIGHT GO

 How it works:

How to use UPRIGHT GO

  • Press the button on your UPRIGHT GO device and put in on your back

  • The UPRIGHT GO buzzes to let the wearer or user know that they are sitting or standing slouched and that they need to correct their posture to be in an upright position.

  • When the user feels the device vibrate, they should realign their position to be sitting or standing with correct upright posture.

  • Each user receives an individual training plan. Training plans range from three to four weeks to start, and include two to five sessions lasting five to nine minutes depending on a person’s needs. It is important to follow the training plan at a minimum, however if a user wants to wear it for longer than suggested, that is also welcome as it is designed to be worn all day in either tracking mode (with vibrations) or in training mode (without vibrations but recording posture).

  • Noticeably better posture and relief from back pain is possible within
    2-3 weeks of training.

What's in the box:

What's in the UPRIGHT GO box

  • Upright Go Trainer

  • Travel Case

  • Micro USB charging cable

  • 5 reusable silicon adhesives

  • User manual

  • Alcohol pads to clean your skin


Upright Go Specifications

Customer Reviews

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Upright GO Posture Trainer

Can’t believe this tiny device is fixing my posture!

Very happy with the Uprightgo. In only two weeks of work day use my posture has improved markedly. I love that you can follow the stats to monitor your progress. I’m now even maintaining my posture just in the tracking mode. I was diagnosed with scoliosis as a teenager and fought off wearing a back brace. It’s hard to believe I’ve been able to fix some of the damage done from that decision of some 30 years ago. It’s fine what phsio and yoga could not. Wonderful - can’t recommend it enough.