Physio Students: Get Online Exposure By Writing Digital Content For E-commerce Store Back To Sport


Back To Sport, a young and dynamic online retail company is looking for students in physiotherapy to create awesome digital content!  If you are a student in physiotherapy, passionate about health and sports and an excellent writer, chances are you will be interested in this job offer!

This is a great opportunity to create online exposure for you and/or your future physio practice.

About Back To Sport:

Back To Sport ( is a B2C Online Retail Store operating in Australia and offering a range of products that help sports enthusiasts prevent and recover from injuries. We sell products such as braces, tapes or massage tools to our customers.

We have a great ambition: We want to become an online reference in sports injury management in Australia and to become the number 1 Digital Partner for Australian Physiotherapists.

But we are at the beginning of our journey. We need to gain awareness online, and that means creating amazing and valuable content to help educate our customers.

We also want to become a trusted partner for physiotherapists, and we want to help them – you – differentiate from the rest of the crowd.

With the emergence of new technologies, the health Industry is rapidly evolving. As a future physio, it is important for you to develop your online presence.

By writing for us, you will be featured as an author for every article you write. We will create a profile page for you with your description and we will link back to your own website/profile.

Which means that the more traffic we get, the more exposure you receive! This is the kind of partnership we want to build, and we have great ideas to take this to the next level.

So what kind of job do we want done?

We want you to create unique, relevant and useful content for our customers about the following topics:

  • Sports Injuries
  • Treatments
  • Physiotherapy as a discipline

We will pay by the article ($30 to $100 - depending on the article), and we are looking for multiple writers. The more you are, the more diversity we get and the more of you we can help with exposure too!

You can work alone or as a group, but the content needs to be original content. No plagiarism will be accepted (Do I even need to mention it?). 

The work will be casual and with no long-term commitment. We will have a list of topics every month. Just choose the topic you want, and we agree on the content and a delivery timeline.

If we are both happy with the ways of working and the formula, we keep working together!


To be successful with this position you will need to have the following qualifications:

  • Student in Physiotherapy
  • Impeccable written skills
  • Have an interest in health and sports

If this job offers sounds like something you would like to do, please send us your resume to