Christmas Gifts For Active People

Christmas is around the corner! If you haven't found the 'gem' you are after for your loved ones yet check this article, it could be in the list below! We have selected the best Christmas gifts for active people to help you with your quest:

Good vibrations from these gifts!

The Hyperice Vyper or the Hypersphere are some of the most popular fitness items in Australia and would make the perfect Christmas gift!

Packed with technology, these 2 massage products are a perfect warm-up and recovery tool for any active person. They combine vibrations and pressure on trigger points to increase range of motion, flexibility and increase blood circulation.

The Vyper and the Hypersphere are already used by the world’s most elite athletes to warm and recovery from training and competition!

Learn more about the Hyperice Vyper and read our review here.

Make the most of Christmas and get our Christmas combo: Vyper + Hypersphere at an exclusive price!  

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The Hot Products everyone is talking about!

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Another great Christmas idea for Active people! The MojiHeat range of products combine the benefits of Heat and Massage in this exclusive range of sports massagers.

Moji’s Heated Roller and Heated Massage Balls maximize heat retention allowing the muscles to recover quickly and naturally. These massagers can be used as is, or heated in a microwave to benefit from the therapeutic heat!

This technology is exclusive in Australia, getting these products for a sports enthousiast would definitely make him/her happy!

You can read about all the Moji products here.

Moji Special: Get 20% off the Moji range when you get a bundle!

We've got your back with Upright GO!

The Upright GO is a great gift idea for anyone interested in health and connected devices.

This little device sticks to the back of the wearer and vibrate to remind them to correct their posture. It is a great training tool, that has managed to correct the posture of thousands of users across the globe!

This is a great gift idea for anyone wanting to correct their posture.

Our Christmas special offer: We will discount the replacement adhesives by 10%. to encourage any wearer to comit to correcting posture longer!

Find out more about the offer here.

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Pain-Free for Christmas!

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Painpod would be another great gift idea for any person looking to:

  • Relieve chronic or acute pain
  • Accelerate recovery and rehabilitation after injury, surgery or trauma
  • Increase muscle strength and improve condition

Painpod use electrostimulation to target pain and reduce it.

Both Painpod 3 and Painpod XPV can be paired with accessories for targeted therapies: Back belt, Gloves, Shoes and More!

Read our review here for more information.

Make your loved ones happy and Save!

Make the most of our various bundles! It is a good way to save while getting more for your loved ones! Whether you split the bundles as multiple gifts or use the opportunity to offer more to the same person, there is always a way to benefit from a bundle offer!


Browse all our bundles and special offers here.

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