Recovery after Hamstring Strain: Getting you Back on Track

Recovery After Hamstring Strain: Getting you back on Track

After the Acute Stage of Hamstring Strain, some patients may experience residual deficits and may experience difficulty with walking or running, time lost from occupation, and delayed return to sports. Hamstring strains heal slowly and are at high risk for reinjury if return to activities is too early. With severe injuries, it may take up to 1 year for patients to resume preinjury activities; in some cases of complete ruptures, patients never return to the previous level of function

Recommended Treatments

Range of Motion and Strengthening Exercises

Knee Flexion Range of Motion Exercise

Position yourself standing holding onto the back of a chair. Start with your knee straight. Take your heel towards your bottom. Finish with your knee bent. Ensure that you keep your thigh straight. Do this 10 times 3 sets

Theraband Resistance Exercise

Tie resistance band to appropriate structure in front of you and place band around your ankle. Starting with your knee straight, bend the knee to 90 degrees and return slowly. Do this 10 times 3 sets

Stretching Exercises

Hamstring stretch in lying with legs up a wall

Position yourself lying with your legs held out straight above you and resting against a wall. Ensure that you keep your knees straight. Do this for 30 Seconds Hold times 3 sets

 Full Stretching of the Hamstrings

For a full stretch of the hamstring muscle to be achieved, the hip must be flexed to 90 degrees and the knee fully extended and toes dorsiflex. This stretch is best achieved in the supine position; a towel can facilitate hamstring lengthening

Hamstring Foam Roll

Using a foam roll 7 days after or until injury heals can help the muscle recover faster, release tension, release muscle pain and tightness, improve mobility and Increase circulation.

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