Beurer EM38 TENS Belt

The Beurer TENS Belt EM38 is the perfect physical therapy solution at home for treating your back pain. This belt is simple to use and easy to adjust. It has 20 intensity levels to choose from. 

  • $129.95

The Beurer EM38 Belt is a safe to use, medically designed TENS belt for treating pain in your lower back.

Putting on the belt is very easy as you only need to tighten the Velcro fastener according to your waist size which can varies from 75 cms to 140 cms.

You can choose the intensity level from 1 to 20 depending on your level of pain.

There are 4 training programs varying from 25 to 30 minutes range.

The pain is treated through electrical pulses delivered from non-wearing contact electrodes made of conductive carbon material.

These electrodes are woven in the belt fabric and hence are safe to use and wear. 

Beurer is a market leader and have a long-standing reputation for quality made products, for that reason, your massager comes with a 1-year warranty, to provide full confidence that your product will give satisfaction for years to come.

Don’t Use Beurer EM38 Belt if:

·       You use Cardiac Pacemakers

·       You Suffer from Epilepsy

·       You are Pregnant

·       You have Cardiac Arrhythmias


  • Flexibly adjustable, with Velcro fastening, incl. extension belt

  • Ideal for the elderly suffering from recurring back pains

  • Ideal for the office worker that seat in a chair all day

  • Ideal for the sports person or the manual worker that put pressure on one's back on a daily basis

  • No electrode pads pads needed to be sticked on your body thanks to non-wearing contact electrodes made of conductive carbon material (electrodes with water contact (no contact gel, no replacement)

  • Choose between 4 different massage programs from 25 to 30 min each


  • Beurer™ EM38 Belt is based on TENS technology

  • Treats Lower Back Pain

  • 20 intensity settings for any level of pain

  • 4 training programs from 25 to 30 minutes

  • Fits all waist sizes ranging from 75 cm to 140 cm

  • LCD Screen

  • Countdown Timer to show remaining time

  • Belt has an automatic switch off system and a Pause function

  • Output voltage: 50V p-p for 500 Ohm load

  • Output frequency: 2 - 110 Hz

  • Pulse width: 60-220 µs per phase

  • Pulse shape: symmetrical, biphasic square pulses

  • 3 Year Warranty 


  • Beurer™ EM38 Belt

  • Battery for Using the EM38 Belt

  • 3 Year Warranty Registration Information