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BH Fitness i.V 1 i.Concept Treadmill

Connect your Android or Iphone Device and run anywhere in the world from the comfort of your home! The IV1 Concept will simulate real world conditions of any location you will pick! Build up the endurance your need for your next big race. Designed for walking and running up to 18km/h.

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Use the IV1 Concept to train for your next big race!

With 12 pre-set programs, 15 level of inclination and the ability to monitor all the parameters of your training from the central screen (heart rate, time, distance calories etc), this treadmill will be your best friend and will help you be at your best for your next challenge!

The IV1 is designed for a regular use, up to 7h hours a week and will help you achieve your fitness objectives.

Control the inclination (up to 15%) and the programs from the console and adjust the speed and inclination during the workout with the easy access buttons located on the arms of the machine.



With the i.concept technology, You can now connect your tablet or your phone for an enhanced experience! The bike is compatible with multiple apps, for example:

  • Run on earth : Make your training look even more realistic with the Android and IOS app Run on Earth
Run on Earth is integrated with Google Maps and let you set routes around the world! The app uses the elevation data provided by google map to simulate the real world conditions by modifying the resistance of the machine.
  •  Pafers: Offer multiple programs and features, to enhance your workout and help you achieve your goals.
  • Access Itune, watch a movie or the news while exercising. 




  •  Compatible with most smartphones and tablets 

compatibility IOS and Android

  • Plug And Run System
The i.V1 comes with an exclusive Plug & Run system which features a quick and easy self-installation: This model doesn’t require any assembly, just unfold, lock and start running!

Plug and Run System BH Fitness treadmills

  • Blue backlit LCD monitor

Extra big 6.8" monitor allows users to monitor the exercise status and adjust the levels immediately.

LCD Monitor i.v1

  •  Hand-pulse measurement

Users can monitor heart rate with dual built-in handlebar sensors. They will ensure you are in the right training zone for your goals.

Hand pulse measurement

  • Pantoscopic powerful fan

The console of iV1 treadmill integrates the powerful fan, and provides a nice cooling sensation

Fan i.v1

  • Hyper-size 12cm stand post design

The durable and firm oval-shaped stand posts are the same level with commercial use treadmill and effectively prevent users from injuries.

12cm stand post

  •  Eco Mode function: High training efficiency

ECO Mode Function® makes the efficiency of indoor running upgrading within the same workout time by regulating the incline levels.

Tested by the world's leading company, SGS. Under ECO Mode Function®, BH treadmills deliver the same performance with less power consumption (- 30%.)

Eco consumption

  • BH Multi-Cushion

According to the data based on the training of BH Triathlon Team, BH R&D department re-designed the shock absorbing system for iV1 treadmill. This technology helps absorb the shocks efficiently while running. This makes a significant difference in shock absorption and will protect your ankles and knees. This is ideal for post-injury training and users with weak joints.

cushion system

  • Brick-shaped design handlebar

The engraved design with anti-slip rubber handlebar ensures the safety and duration while working out

Brick-shaped handbar

  • SDS (Soft Drop System)

A safety system designed to keep the running board to descend at a slow speed and prevents back injuries.

SDS system

  • Covex Roller technology

Covex Roller design helps the running belt to automatically position and enhance the durability of running belt.

Covex roller technology

  •  BH Green Efficient Motor

The professional design of i.V1 treadmill motor is in accordance with EU regulation. And it is equipped with best brush, bearing, and steel axle that make the motor reliable in high speed. The motor allows a speed of up to 18km/h.

Green motor


 How do we manage deliveries of Cardio Equipment?

  • Once the order is placed and confirmed on the website, we will call you to confirm your contact details and delivery address.

  • We will pass on your details to the delivery team which will also call you to arrange the delivery date and time

  • Your order will be shipped once timing is agreed

  • For more information regarding the cardio equipment, you can contact us at any time using the contact information on the contact page or by calling us on 02 9134 5616



  • Motor: 1.75 HP / 3.5 HPP

  • Speed: 1 ~ 18 km/hr

  • Incline: 0 ~ 15 levels

  • Running Area (LxW): 138x45 cm

  • Running Belt: 1.6T anti-slip running belt

  • Monitor: 7" Large blue backlit LCD monitor

  • Programs: 12 pre-set programs / 1 Manual / ECO Mode / Body Fat test

  • Instant Speed Keys: 3/6/9/12 km/hr

  • Instant Incline Keys: 2/4/6/8/10 levels

  • Unfolded: 177x77x147cm

  • Vertical folded: 116x77x151cm

  • Weight: 85kg

  • 12 months warranty

  • Maximum user weight: 130 kg

  • Others:

i.Concept & Bluetooth support devices (G6350 is not included ) ECO MODE
i.v1 specifications