MuellerHinged 2100 Knee Brace

MuellerHinge 2100 Knee Brace is designed to help protect the knee from lateral blows.

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Designed to help protect the knee from lateral blows
The Muellerhinge™ 2100 Knee Brace features Mueller's larges 12-inch triaxial hinge to properly track the knee joint producing near-normal motion
Single hinge fits left or right side to be worn on the left or right leg



  • Patented Triaxial Hinge tracks the knee motion and allows maximum mobility

  • Designed to help protect the knee from lateral blows

  • Secondary compression wraps help hold the upper and lower cuffs in place


  • Remove hinges before washing

  • Hand wash in cold water with mild detergent

  • Do not use bleach

  • Do not iron

  • Do not dry clean

 Sizing Chart - MuellerHinge 2100


Customer Reviews

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Pain gone

I highly recommend this to people with not just a knee injury but also arthritis .
I have suffered for years with fluid build up in my knee caused from a leg surgery which led to arthritis .
The hinge on this brace has taken the pressure from my knee when I walk, I feel no pain or fatigue at all.
Thank you guys for such an awesome product that actually dose what it says.