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Back Injuries

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    While the presence of back pain is the easiest means to detect a back injury, signs, and symptoms may also include tenderness, stiffness, difficulty standing upright, muscle spasms, back pain aggravated by movement, sneezing, or coughing, swelling, pain radiating down to either or both legs, and bruising.

    How long does it take for back injuries to heal?

    Most mild injuries can spontaneously heal within a  6-week period without any diagnostic tests and treatments. An x-ray is only typically warranted in cases of more severe symptoms such as bladder and bowel control issues, weakness or numbness in either or both legs, or severe pain that does not go away. But with tolerable back pain that has no other symptoms, it is recommended to remain to stay active while observing careful measures to not put excessive strain on the already injured back. Moreover, the use of a back brace can assist in relieving pain and hastening the recovery period. To ensure safety, we recommend that you go and see your doctor immediately if you experience breathing difficulties, pins and needles sensation and numbness to the limbs, difficulty urinating or defecating, paralysis, and fever.

    Can back braces help?

    Back support braces, as the term implies, are wearable equipment that adds support to the back so the injury may heal better and faster. They work to redistribute the weight in the spine to aid in the relief from muscle tension and pain while giving the injury a healthy environment to maximally recover. So indeed, back braces can aid anyone suffering from back pain.

    Medical back braces, from back support belts to full-on braces, are highly prescribed by physicians because it was found that physical therapy together with pain medications and the use of high-quality back braces improve the rate of recovery and enhance the overall quality of life. Moreover, back braces serve as a tactile reminder to observe a good posture. This is tremendously beneficial because bad posture is one of the leading causes of the development of back pain.

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