A woman with sports tapes on the shoulder

Sports & Kinesiology Tapes


    There are various types of tapes in the market. For the maximum possible support, rigid strapping tapes are used and these are also commonly called “sports tapes” or “athletic tapes.” Now if the individual’s situation requires less support to allow for more mobility, elastic strapping tapes are the more ideal option. Moreover, we also have kinesiology tapes, or KTs, which are like elastic tapes but with the capability to assist in the dynamic muscle function.

    What are sports tapes and what are they for?

    Athletic tapes are therapeutic tools rising in popularity not only among sports enthusiasts but basically anyone suffering from injury. These elasticated tapes are strategically applied to the body to aid in more efficient and less-straining movement and muscle activity. Kinesiology tapes serve as means of prophylaxis or rehabilitation among individuals who need help with their musculoskeletal issues. 

    Among other things, the main benefits of taping are pain relief, injury and recurrence prevention, de-loading of painful structures, protection of injured areas to allow healing to ensue, soft tissue compression to reduce swelling and edema, stability and support, improvement of athlete confidence, correction of faulty biomechanics, enhancement of proprioception, reduction of delayed onset muscle soreness, decrease in fatigue, facilitation of normal muscle movement, and assistance in proper postural patterns.

    Where to buy sports tapes, kinesiology tapes, and pre cut tapes?

    You can buy various types of these here in Back to Sport. Our collection houses a wide range of physio tapes. From differently sized kinesiology tapes to pre-cut variants for easier application. We also offer rigid strapping tapes for maximum support to tapes that assist in muscle movement. You can also play around with designs as we offer them in various colors and brands. We have neutral ones for those who want things lowkey and full-on designed and flashy options for those who can use some attention. Furthermore, we also have a pre-cut lymphatic drainage tape to help reduce swelling for those in the acute phase of their conditions.