Young man doing an exercise with foam roller on her right leg

Foam Rollers


    Using an exercise roller is extremely easy, and you can do your favorite exercises at home all by yourself with the help of a massage roller. You can use your body weight to self-massage your muscles.

    What is a foam roller and what can it help with?

    Foam Roller is a cylindrical-shaped exercise tool made of solid foam and is also called an exercise roller or muscle roller. They come in different sizes, densities and can either be smooth or textured. With the help of a back roller, you can massage muscles in areas where your hands can't reach enough to provide a compressive and pulling force. You can self-massage your back, legs, thigh, and neck with the help of a muscle roller. 

    One of the functions of an exercise roller is to relax muscles. If you ever had a sore muscle, you might understand how painful it is to move around with soreness. These exercises can provide a stretching and massaging effect to the sore muscles, making them relaxed and pain-free.

    Muscle relaxation can also increase your joint range of motion, which means that you can move your body segments more freely.

    Back Rollers can also improve circulation in the area, and the combined effect of stretch, massage, and increased blood flow can give you fast relief from back pain, fibromyalgia, stiffness, trigger point pain by inducing myofascial release effects.

    What is the best foam roller to use and where to buy them?

    Regarding size, long foam rollers are the best back rollers for back muscles as they cover more area, whereas the shorter and thinner foam rollers work best for extremities. Soft foam rollers (come in light colors) are best for targeting superficial muscles, whereas the harder an exercise roller, the deeper is the effect. Textured rollers are best for a trigger point release, whereas smooth rollers work best for spasms.

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