A woman and man with their knee braces

Knee Braces, Supports, and Straps


    If you ever had knee pain or injury, you might be familiar with a knee brace and how it works. In simple words, you can say that it is a sleeve that holds your knee joint to support and protect it against injuries.

    What are the uses of a knee brace?

    Knee braces work for various knee conditions, and you can also have a customized knee brace if your doctor suggests you something that is not available in the market. Some knee problems that can benefit from wearing a knee brace are Ligament tear, Meniscus injuries, Capsular lesions, Post-surgery, Knee pain, Sports injuries, Strain, and Arthritis.

    The most common condition that requires you to wear a knee brace is Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) tear, for which you need a special ACL knee brace.

    Do knee braces help with knee pain?

    Yes, it helps a lot. Wearing a knee brace helps shift the body weight from your knee to the knee brace. It is particularly important because the injured portion of your knee joint can get worse with weight-bearing so, to prevent pain and re-injury, you need support to minimize the load on your knee.

    What’s the best knee brace?

    What’s best for you depends on your knee problems. Have a look at what you should prefer for the different conditions. The best knee brace for sports injuries like a meniscal tear or ACL injury is the hinged knee brace. For patellar tendonitis, you should use a knee strap rather than a full covering brace. Arthritic conditions require accommodation for swelling, so Elastic knee braces are the best for osteoarthritis.

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