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    Whether you're looking for ankle braces to help you recover from an ankle injury, or you need one so you'd be protected as you engage in high-intensity sports like sprinting, soccer, etc, our ankle braces are the perfect products for you.

    Our range of ankle braces are able to help you with inversion sprains, weak ankles, sprained ankles, arthritic ankles, and recovery as your ankle heals. It contains braces from the very popular and reliable Mueller brand. We also offer ASO braces by the world-renowned Medspec.

    What do Ankle Braces do?

    Basically, ankle braces help to provide support for your ankles. This provision of external support helps to complement the internal support provided by tendons, bones, and muscles of the ankle. It also helps to limit the chances of straining the Anterior Talofibular Ligament. This ligament is usually the affected area in 75%-85% of all ankle sprains.

    It also helps to limit certain ankle movements that cause injuries, such as inversion sprains and eversion sprains. Inversion sprains happen when your ankle rolls towards your sole. This causes a lot of pain and severe inflammation.  

    Eversion sprains happen when your ankle rolls away from your sole. They are rarer than inversion sprains but are equally as painful.


    What are Ankle Braces Used For?

    Ankle braces are used to protect your ankles and help them work optimally. If you have an ankle injury or you're just healing, ankle braces can help you with that process.

    Some ankle braces, like the ASO Ankle brace by Medspec help you move from stage to stage as you heal. The brace is very adaptable, as you can remove the lateral stays and the plastic medial as your healing progresses.

    Also, ankle braces help you guide against inversion and eversion sprains. A very good option for this is the Mueller ATF 3 Ankle Brace. It provides very strong support and protection against these strains, and so it is useful for high-impact sports.

    Ankle braces also help to prevent ankle rolling, particularly in runners. The Mueller Wraparound Ankle Support and the Mueller Elastic Ankle Support are perfect for the prevention of rolling ankles.

    Looking to prevent common ankle injuries? Look no further than Mueller The One Ankle Brace Premium.   

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