Man with his physiotherapist discussing wrist braces

Wrist Braces, Sleeves and Support


    Our wrist serves as the axis that allows our hands to perform different tasks. Thus, if your wrist is not in its best shape, your daily tasks will be negatively affected as well. The impact of the wrist’s health on the overall function of the hand is often, and unfortunately, underrated.

    What can a wrist brace do?

    Wrist braces immobilize the wrist to alleviate pain, stiffness, and inflammation brought about by repetitive stress injuries. Generally, they promote healing by immobilizing the joint for a prescribed period. These orthotic devices maintain the wrist in a straight and neutral position to relieve the pressure on your median nerve, thereby relieving the symptoms that come with it. In turn, you will be able to get through your day-to-day life with managed pain experience and enhanced quality of life.

    On top of those suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome, wrist support braces also work for people with De Quervain’s syndrome, arthritis, fractures, strains, and sprains of the wrist. Physicians also prescribe a wrist brace for any patient recovering from surgery. Although wrist pain may be caused by various underlying causes, the recommended solution remains to be plain and simple: to give the wrist enough support, protection, and stabilization to avoid further pain and inflammation.

    Where to buy a wrist brace?

    Our collection of wrist braces are the best wrist braces in Australia. Expect nothing less from wrist supports from a reputable sports medicine brand such as Mueller to support your wrist in a stable and neutral position for pain relief. Our items range from an elastic variant that will provide comfortable and firm support to a brace with a splint that offers more rigid stabilization while still promoting utmost comfort, thanks to the paddings thoughtfully added around the splint. The Mueller wrist sleeve and wrist support wrap, on the other hand, provide more room for hand motions while simultaneously protecting the joint. The wrist sleeve and the wrist support wrap are beneficial for people suffering from minor sprains, strains, inflammatory, and other arthritic issues.