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    Athletes are highly susceptible to injuries, with some sports being more prone than others. The goal is to aid athletes in achieving their maximal and optimal performance by utilizing targeted exercises, personalized prescription of exercises, techniques to avoid re-injury, and an overall reduction of susceptibility to more injuries. With all these, the rehabilitation team aims to achieve peak athletic performance by utilizing various strategies and rehabilitation equipment. 

    Rehabilitation of Common Sports Injuries

    Through all the phases, the rehabilitation team employs a strategic plan of care with the utilization of rehabilitation products such as physio bands, kinesiology tapes, braces, and others. The team typically consists of, but is not limited to, sports physicians, physiatrists, orthopedic physicians, physical therapists, nutritionists, coaches, and athletic trainers. 

    There are various injuries athletes may be susceptible to, but the most common ones are as follows: muscle strains, ligamentous sprains, knee injuries, fractures, plantar fasciitis, tennis elbow, shin splints, and back injuries. Musculoskeletal injuries can impact the quality of life of any individual. This is even truer for athletes who use their bodies on a daily basis to play the game they love. It is every athlete’s nightmare to get injured but it should be known to them that no injury should necessarily be the end of their careers. A rehabilitation team is always there equipped with the techniques and tools to help them bounce back!

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