Young female using massage balls for therapy

Massage Balls


    Massage has been used for a long time now as it’s proven to be an efficient means of speeding up the healing process. Ball massagers can help with various musculoskeletal problems such as, but not limited to, plantar fasciitis, upper & lower back pain, rotator cuff tightness & other shoulder injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome, sore glutes, and hamstring tightness. Using these can reduce muscle fatigue, increase flexibility, and enhance performance. For this reason, top physical therapists utilize these in their practice, especially in isolating painful and problematic areas.

    What are massage balls and what are they for?

    Physio massage balls are small, affordable, and portable means to release built-up tension in your achy muscles. This tool comes in different nomenclatures such as myofascial release balls, mobility balls, or physical therapy balls but you have to take note that all these points to the same thing. Due to its tiny size, it can reach areas of your body with “knots” or “trigger points” that are otherwise difficult to access such as your buttocks, feet, and upper back. The whole concept here is to identify a tight or tensed muscle, trap the knot using the pressure point ball, then apply some mild to moderate pressure to relieve any pain sensation. It would also be beneficial to do some stretches in the same muscle group after releasing them to achieve greater comfort.

    Where to buy massage balls?

    We offer a wide array of massage balls. From spiky massage balls to lacrosse ones. A lacrosse ball is a tool that resembles a tennis ball and it’s best utilized in relieving stiff muscles. On the other hand, if you’re experiencing some trigger points or myofascial pain, you should opt for the spiky ones because they help break down muscle tension, improve blood flow, and hasten injury recovery. We also have heated variants to further assist in pain relief and comfort. Whatever shape, size, and type you’re looking for, conveniently shop it here with us at Back To Sport Australia!