Hinged Knee Braces

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    A hinged knee brace can prevent hyperextension of the knee, promote ideal joint alignment, and control range and speed of motions—all of which pave the way to create a healthier environment for the joint. The orthosis is mostly worn when the knee has some instability issues or when it’s prone to more damage. 

    What are hinged knee braces and what are they for?

    Hinged knee braces, as the term implies, utilize hinges that connect solid bars that run alongside the thigh and the leg. Together, these components work together to protect the knee. Knee braces with hinges are a type of orthosis applied to the knee to support and stabilize the joint. It helps limit motion as the knee heals post-injury or during recovery from surgery. For those with knee osteoarthritis, there are types that may help reduce the pain and pressure brought about by the disease. To achieve the benefits of this equipment, make sure that the hinges are placed accurately and the straps and loops secured properly.

    The different types of hinged braces are as follows: 1) a prophylactic brace for prevention of injuries and is mostly worn by sports athletes, 2) a functional brace to offer support and protection to an injured or a post-operative knee to promote healing and recovery, and 3) an offloader brace that helps redistribute weight and force from the unhealthy parts of the knee to the healthier area to aid in the recovery of the conditions such as knee osteoarthritis. Moreover, knee braces with hinges can also be classified into rigid and soft with the former providing more support by restricting more movement and the latter allowing a bit more motion. 

    Where can you buy a hinged knee brace?

    Back to Sport Australia holds a collection of Mueller hinged braces you can choose from. We have models with triaxial hinges that promote accurate tracking of the knee joint. Whether you need one with maximal support, moderate ones, or even adjustable variants. Our hinged knee braces also boast of antimicrobial build to eliminate odor buildup. You can never go wrong with a reputable and trusted brand such as Mueller to give you only the most optimal results when it comes to taking care of yourself and your body. For the best braces, shop with us here at Back to Sports!