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Heat/Ice Packs & Bags

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    Heat packs and ice packs are physical modalities used for pain relief in acute and chronic musculoskeletal conditions.

    Thermotherapy or heat pack provides superficial heat that increases the vasodilation and blood flow in the subcutaneous blood vessels. With this phenomenon, the oxygenated blood flow promotes healing and muscle relaxation in the area. On the other end, cryotherapy or ice pack induces vasoconstriction in the area applied. The resultant effect is a reduction in swelling, inflammation, and pain. The duration of application of a hot/cold pack also varies according to the condition. Generally, the time is kept between 10 to 20 minutes

    Do Ice/Heat Packs Really Work?

    Conditions like muscle spasms, cramps, abdominal muscle pain, tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, chronic arthritis, and lower back pain can benefit from a heat bag, or it can be used as a muscle relaxant before performing stretching techniques. Instant ice packs are indicated for acute conditions such as sports injuries, acute ankle sprain, delayed onset muscle soreness, acute wrist sprain, and other acute conditions where reduction of swelling and pain is the priority. You can buy the Instant Cold Pack, as it is a fast and effective product commonly used for sports injuries.

    In general, a heat pack is suitable for subacute and chronic conditions and ice packs for acute conditions. 

    Best Place to Buy Heat/Ice Packs:

    Back to Sport Australia has a wide variety of hot and cold packs from which you can shop heat packs for shoulder, ice packs for sports injuries, and reusable heat and ice packs. These can be chemical hot/cold packs, electrical heating packs, gel heat packs, or cotton packs with any heat conducting material inside. The Mueller Reusable Cold/Hot Pack is a gel pack that you can use both ways, refrigerate it to use it as a cold pack or microwave it to use it as a heat pack. It might be difficult to keep a heat/ice pack for injuries to complex body parts like the shoulder, but this problem is solved with the help of Wrap On Ice and Gel Pack that you can fix to the body part with the help of a comfortable wrap on the belt.