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Mueller HG80 Hinged Knee Brace in use

Mueller HG80 Hinged Knee Brace


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The Hg80® Premium Hinged Knee Brace is just the most comfortable brace you’ll ever wear. Improved Mueller-exclusive HydraCinn® fabric is a high-performance, moisture-wicking material with an anti-microbial barrier.* The ultimate brace for weak or injured knees.

The Triaxial Hinge is the standard by which all other hinged knee braces are judged. It closely simulates the natural tracking of the knee joint. Recommended to help control sublaxating patellas and to help relieve pain associated with Chondromalacia (irritated kneecap). It is lightweight and Neoprene-free.


  • Triaxial hinges properly track the knee joint producing near-normal motion
  • Tibial system with secondary shell and patella buttress
  • Upper bidirectional stretch material is form fitting and fully adjustable
  • Upper and lower strapping system
  • Extremely comfortable Mueller-exclusive HydraCinn fabric
  • Permanently bonded antimicrobial barrier
  • Slip-on Brace
  • Patented Triaxial Hinges
  • Double Strapping System
  • Stretch Material
  • Bonded Antimicrobial Fabric

Recommended For:

  • Post-Injury
  • Contact Sports
  • Ski, Snowboard

    Ideal for Injury:

    • ACL Injury
    • MCL, LCL Injury
    • Hyper Extended Knee
    • Knee Dislocation
    • Meniscus Tear


    • Loosen all straps
    • Slide brace on
    • Align kneecap just above the buttress
    • Fasten the large top and bottom areas behind the knee
    • Secure upper and lower straps


    • Remove hinges before washing
    • Hand wash in cold water with mild detergent
    • Do not use bleach
    • Do not iron
    • Do not dry clean

    Size Chart:

    Mueller HG80 Hinged Knee Brace Size Chart

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 18 reviews
    Michelle W.
    perfect comfort

    I have bought 2 of these knees braces. i am over 55 and have knee injuries due to skiing and kitesurfing. These braces are enabling me to comortably kite surf knowing that my knees have the support to not re-injure them. So comfortable and secure in the water.
    Highly recommended.

    Mark O.
    Excellent support for my knees, no pain when play lawn bowls or immediately after taking them off.

    Excellent, will likely defer my need for knee replacements for a few years.

    Paul S.
    Very satisfied

    I am very happy with my Mueller Hinged Knee Brace, easily the most comfortable knee support I have ever had, it has helped my injured knee with support and stability, which has reduced pain and enabled better movement and more comfortable walking. Would definitely recommend this to anyone.

    Excellent brace

    I have osteoarthritis throughput my body, with the most severe incidence affecting my knees. I have bone on bone in my knees and am trying to postpone a bilateral knee replacement. I exercise everyday using a rowing machine for non weight bearing, however I also walk 4-6 kms at fast pace every day. To accomplish this with the least amount of pain possible I wear knee braces. Over the years I've tried a number of knee braces, some more expensive than the Mueller Hg80 Hinged knee brace and some cheaper. I've always ended by coming back to my Mueller braces. As braces go, I've found they're the most comfortable, while also being supportive and cooler against my skin in the Queensland summers. When wearing them just around the home I'm as close to pain free as I ever get. I've been using my current Mueller braces for exercise, for at least eight years, washing them frequently, and they've stood the test of time amazingly. I've just purchased a new pair so as to have one pair for exercise and one pair for everyday. I've found the Mueller sizing chart to be accurate.

    Mueller Hg80 hinged knee brace

    Awesome bit of kit but Mueller size chart is inaccurate. Go a size smaller than what the chart lists. Brace is lightweight and comfortable whilst playing competitive basketball. Buy one. Free postage takes 7-8 days to Perth.

    raymond l.

    The brace works really well it helped stabilise my knee and reduce swelling in my knee.

    Nathan W.

    Saw these advertised for $125 purchased them then found them on another site for $74 each . Have used them once and they provide very little support , the two vertical supports move in and out of position . Great for keeping the knee warm ........great !

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