Partnership Program


Focus on your Patients
while we grow your Business.

If you are a small practice or a solo Physio,
We can make the Digital revolution work for you


Focus on your Patients  while we grow your Business.

If you are a small practice or a solo Physio, we can make the Digital revolution work for you

  • Extra Value For Your Patients
  • Additional Revenue For You
  • Increased Visibility Online
  • Build the future of physiotherapy


What we See.

The Physio industry is rapidly changing. Staying visible has become very challenging, particularly when facing major practices with capacity and skills to occupy the online space.

For small practices, building awareness, creating a marketing plan or developing additional services require a specific skillset and a lot of time. This time is taken away from the patients and from the main source of income.

We know that one of the activities that takes away the Physiotherapists from their core business is the necessity to stock equipment for their patients.

Too often, patients are sent to buy products to major sports retailers, creating a missed opportunity.

At Back To Sport,
We can help you get revenue from product sales
Without the hassle of holding stock.

Back To Sport carries a large range of products and can sell directly to your patients on your behalf.

We can take all the hard work away from you, while you still generate revenue from the sales. As a result, you provide an additional service to your patients and generate extra revenue, with no additional effort!


Our Commitment.

We have been operating on the Australian market for over 2 years. We are a young business but we take special care to the satisfaction of our partners and customers. We will commit to the following:

We will send your patients their orders in a timely manner, anywhere in Australia

We will offer phone and email support to all customers to answer any questions related to products

We will handle all returns and exchanges

We will manage all deliveries across Australia


What's in for You.

Your patients can place their order via your website or an email. For each order placed, you will receive a commission, then we take care of the rest.

You can evaluate the revenue generated below, based on your practice numbers: 


Working with Us.

We have a great vision for this program! We are planning to go above and beyond servicing equipment to the industry.

We are convinced that in a near future, the successful physio practice will be the one leveraging technology as a strategic tool to differentiate and stay relevant in an ever more competitive industry.

Creating alliances and being part of a strong network of relationships are key.

By joining us you will also have access to additional benefits, all completely optional:

More Visibility

Being visible online is becoming increasingly important. We want to give more visibility to our partners.

We offer the possibility to be part of our online directory. We will create a page for your practice and link it back to your own website.


If you wish to take a more active role and take further actions to grow your practice through Back To Sport, you will be able to create content, hosted on Back To Sport and attributed to you as a practitioner.

We will create a personal profile linking back to your practice/linkedin profile. Giving you opportunities to build an online reputation.

Building the Future of Physiotherapy

We have tons of ideas that are just waiting to be developed!

Partnering with us is also a chance to help shape the future of physiotherapy by giving your opinion, contributing or testing new digital products as they get released, giving you a chance to stay ahead of the curve!


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