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Gripit - Kinesiology Tape 50mm x 5m - Camo


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gripit kinesiology tape

Gripit Kinesiology tape is a cotton based cloth with a small percentage of nylon allowing for the stretch properties of the tape. The stretch of the tape allows up to a maximum of 80% stretch when applying to the skin which mimics the properties of the skin.

Use the 50mm tape for most body regions for easy application. Ensure you provide no tension of the end of the tape when applying.

The traction and elevation of the skin fascia stimulates a number of systems that sit close to the skin including the sensory nervous system, the circulatory (blood) system, the lymphatic drainage system and the non-inceptive (pain) system. 

This can help in many ways:

  • Improving performance
  • Reduces local pain through the gate control system
  • Assists with Healing and Recovery
  • Provides support




Gripit Kinesiology tape is waterproof and with the superior adhesion of a specialised acrylic, you can be sure the tape will not come off. It is the very best on the market.

Gripit is made of high grade cloth and the stretch is 80-100%. We recommend on average around 40% stretch on application as a guide.

A major benefit is that the tape is oily acrylic which means it is latex and zinc oxyde free so there is a very low risk of any reaction to the tape. And it sticks!!!!

  • Single Application

  • 80-100% Elasticity

  • Just like Skin!

  • Lasts for days

  • Online Instructions

  • Waterproof Technology

  • Low Allergy Adhesive

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