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PainPod Bio Belt

Bio belt

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PainPod Bio Belt is the alternative to PainPod Pads if you are having difficulties in using the pads. This belt is a drug-free solution for treating larger areas of pain and muscle groups, especially in the lower back, hips, shoulder, and knees.

PainPod Bio Belt works just like the pads but is ideal for treating pain in the hips, shoulders, lower back, and knees.

Due to the size of the belt, it targets a larger group of muscles in one go. With the help of the 2 adjustable straps, the PainPod Bio Belt can be worn with the same ease on the legs as well as the torso. Unlike in the Pads, the PainPod Bio Belt comes with an attached pouch that covers the electrode wires and the connectors from getting damaged in any way. PainPod Bio Belt is the perfect accessory to use with PainPod for treating musculoskeletal problems.

The PainPod Bio Belt comes with a 1 Year Warranty.



  • Treating Upper Back, Middle Back, and Lower Back Pain

  • Treating Pain in the Knees

  • Treating Leg or Arm Pain

  • Treating Stomach Pain Caused During Periods

  • Treating Musculoskeletal (Osteo) Problems

  • Enhancing Mobility Through Physical Therapy

  • Recovering from Surgery or Trauma Pain

  • Pain Relief from Sports Injuries, Muscle Wear and Tear


  • PainPod Bio Belt is an alternative to PainPod Pads

  • It is a Drug-Free Medical Device for Treating Pain

  • PainPod Bio Belt Targets Larger Areas of Pain and Muscle Groups

  • PainPod Bio Belt has a pouch to cover and protect the connectors and electrode wires.

  • PainPod Bio Belt has two adjustable straps for use on the torso and limbs


  • PainPod™ Bio Belt – One Size Fits All

  • 1 Pair of Electrode Wires

  • 1 Short Velcro Strap

  • 1 Long Velcro Strap

  • 1 Year Warranty Registration Information

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