PainPod Bio Shoes
PainPod™ Bio Shoes left perspective view left and right feet
PainPod™ Bio Shoes connected to Painpod
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PainPod™ Bio Shoes

Bio Shoes

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If you are suffering from sore feet or an aching leg due to a hectic work schedule then you need PainPod Bio Shoes. These shoes will take away all that stress and pain in no time without using any drugs or medicines.

PainPod Bio Shoes are the best accessory created by PainPod for treating soreness in feet and lower legs.

These are special massage slippers that harness the power of reflexology for treating pain. They also reduce any stress levels present in the legs.

They enhance blood circulation in the lower legs and feet. The PainPod Bio Shoes are the best drug-free solution available in the market for treating leg and feet pain. 

How to Use PainPod Bio Shoes: 

1.     Wear the PainPod Bio Shoes in the morning after waking up

2.     Take the electrode wires and find the plug to be inserted in the shoes

3.     Plug the wires in the side of the shoes/slippers

Using PainPod Bio Shoes with PainPod Treats:

  • Feet soreness & lower leg pain

  • Poor blood circulation in the feet and lower leg

  • Physical Pain in the Ankle

  • Physical Pain in the Heels

  • Physical Pain in your Feet

  • Gets rid of Fluid Retention from the body

 THE DO's AND THE DON'TS OF PainPod Bio Shoes:

  • Use One PainPod Bio Shoe and One PainPod Pad through a single port

  • Use it in the morning to boost circulation before starting your regular day

  • Use it at the end of your day to help the feet and leg muscles recover

  • Don’t use PainPod Bio Shoes and PainPod Pads at the same time

  • Don’t use the PainPod TENS/EMS technology if you have DVT

  • Don’t use PainPod TENS/EMS technology if you have existing varicose veins

  • Don’t use PainPod Bio Shoes or Pads on Open Sores


  • PainPod Bio Shoes Available in Regular (29.5cm) and Small (26cm) Length Sizes

  • 1 Pair of prong fitted Electrode Wires

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