Perfect Conductor Spray for pads

PainPod Perfect Conductor Spray for Econopads

The perfect conductor spray is an ion conductive solution that enhances treatment sensation while using the PainPod EconoPads and PainPod Belt.

  • $19.00

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Perfect Conductor Spray is a liquid solution containing conductive ions for safe delivery of the electrical currents for treating pain.

The solution helps extends the life of PainPod EconoPads and PainPod Belt so that you can use these medical devices for a longer time.

This is a 100 ml bottle and it sprays a fine mist 



  • Perfect Conductor Spray is a Water based solution

  • It is Non-greasy

  • It is Oil-free

  • The Solution is Long lasting

  • The solution dries up quickly

  • Perfect Conductor Spray is Ideal For:

    ·       PainPod EconoPads

    ·       PainPod Belt

  • Perfect Conductor Spray is Not Ideal For:

    ·       PainPod Premium Pads


  • Perfect Conductor Spray 100ml bottle