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PainPod EconoPads

Get the PainPod EconoPads for a Precise and Controlled treatment of your chronic or acute physical pain anywhere and anytime. The PainPod EconoPads are available in 2 sizes

  • $15.00

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PainPod EconoPads are gel pads that work as a conductor for electrical pulses. These pulses are delivered directly to the target area with the help of a précised and controlled delivery technology.

The pads come in two size, a medium and a large. The Medium PainPod EconoPads are ideal for a small area of muscle groups or pain while the Large PainPod EconoPads are more suitable for targeting a larger area of pain and group of muscles.

The PainPod EconoPads are compatible with all PainPod devices.



  • PainPod EconoPads treat pain through massage and electric currents

  • Anti-allergen

  • Medical grade

  • Can be used with all PainPod devices

  • Available in two sizes – Medium & Large

  • Medium Size Dimensions - 7.5cm x 5cm

  • Large Size Dimensions - 9.3cm x 4.6cm 


  • A pair of PainPod EconoPads that can be used for around 30-60 applications or from anywhere between 40 to 60 hours. The size of the pads depends on your choice.