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PainPod XPV 8 Mode

XPV 8 mode

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PainPod XPV is an easy-to-use portable medical device that provides physical therapy and fast relief from pain through muscle stimulation. It has 8 Advanced TENS/EMS Therapy modes with 20 intensity settings. It is an ideal solution for those who suffer from Chronic Pain and Acute Pain.

It is also ideal for those going through labor and needs pain relief during and after delivery. The device is also an alternative Drug-Free treatment for surgery recovery, muscle conditioning, improving blood circulation, and getting relief from cramps.

PainPod for Warm-Up

PainPod XPV 8 Mode A

Use the PainPod, applied with the BioPads to target specific muscle groups and improve range of motion, reducing injury risk.

Give your muscles a break - reduce fatigue and delayed onset soreness by flushing the accumulation of waste products in muscles from your last exercise.

Warm-up better - assist your warm-up to be ready to go, right from the start gun.

Maximize blood flow to targeted areas, help deliver vital nutrients to kick-start the recovery process.

Fast-flush the accumulation of waste products in muscles to reduce fatigue and delayed onset soreness.

Use muscle contraction to increase production and release of Myokines, bringing about tissue regeneration and repair along with maintaining healthy bodily functions.

Relieve pain, strain, or injuries resulting from the activity, helping your body's natural processes to begin recovery

PainPod is applied with the BioPads directly to knots and trigger points to enjoy a deep post-workout massage after every session, relieving muscle tension and stress.

PainPod for Recovery

PainPod XPV 8 Mode

PainPod for Strength & Conditioning

PainPod XPV 8 Mode

Get the most from each and every rep during resistance training by recruiting more muscle fibers and generating more torque, creating deeper muscle contractions than regular resistance training.

Get the most from each and every training session by relieving the distraction of pain, stiffness, and soreness. Freeing you up to keep perfect form and technique, improving results, and reducing the likelihood of injury.

Recover faster between reps, exercises, or training drills - increasing the blood flow reduces lactic acid build-up.

Train longer and harder while avoiding muscle fatigue and injury.

Recovery From Injury, Surgery, Pregnancy and Other Trauma:

PainPod XPV 8 Mode

PainPod helps rehabilitation after surgery, pregnancy, and other muscular injuries in exactly the same way it helps athletes recover after exercise.

Surgery patients, injured athletes, and new mothers get back to full fitness and mobility much more quickly because it not only speeds recovery and rehabilitation but also maintains muscle strength and conditioning during periods of limited use.

PainPod XPV 8 Mode


  • PainPod XPV physical therapy device is ideal for treating any kind of physical pain
  • 8 Scientifically Developed Therapy Modes
  • Built-in a Medical Grade Facility
  • Medication-Free Alternative for pain relief
  • Ideal for Chronic Pain, Acute Pain, labor pain relief, recovering from surgery, muscle conditioning
  • Lightweight, Compact, Portable & An Easy Fit For Shirt Pockets


8 Advanced Bioelectrical Therapy Modes with 20 Intensity Settings.  

  • Acute Pain
  • Chronic Pain
  • Surgery Recovery
  • Muscle Conditioning
  • Pain relief during the hour
  • Post-labour pain relief
  • Improved circulation
  • Relief from cramps

This model features two ports so you can have four pads with the same mode and frequency for fast relief from pain and muscle stimulation.

3-year Manufacturer Warranty & 1 year Battery from date of purchase.


How does it work?

Pain is felt when pain receptors in the affected area deliver pain signals to the brain via the Central Nervous System. The PainPod works by delivering small bio-electrical nerve stimulation pulses through the skin to the nerve endings in the affected area, blocking the pain signals from traveling to the brain.

This signal blocking is similar to how most pain medications work but without the need to ingest chemicals.

PainPod closes the gate on the pain messages, allowing you to sleep, work, and exercise, potentially free of constant pain and discomfort.

The PainPod proprietary biotechnology in every unit combines unique frequency treatment formulations with fast-acting advanced waveforms that precisely block the pain messages to the brain also helping the body release endorphins reducing the perception of pain.

At the same time, gentle, pleasant bio-pulses pass through the body increasing blood flow and improve circulation, speeding the body’s natural healing process. Medically researched and expertly engineered, these pleasant, relaxing, PainPod exclusive treatment modalities provide effective relief from almost all pain types including acute, chronic, dental, and labor pain.

Not recommended to use for:

  • Any kinds of TENS/EMS devices are not to be used if
  • You use a pacemaker or any type of implanted electronic device
  • You have Cochlear Implant Hearing Device
  • You are less than 37 weeks pregnant
  • You have A Severe Heart Disorder
  • You Suffer From Epilepsy
  • You already have DVT
  • You are prone to seizures
  • You have cancer or are recovering from it

Your box includes:

  • PainPod XPV advanced TENS/EMS device
  • 2 Pairs of Electrode Wires
  • 1 Pair of Small Pads
  • 1 Pair of Medium Pads
  • 1 PainPod Pad Holder
  • Rechargeable Lithium Battery with USB Charger Cable
  • AC Charger Adaptor
  • User Manual and a 3-Year Warranty Registration Information
  • Placement Chart for accurate placement of Pads for specific conditions

PainPod XPV 8 Mode

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