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RockTape Rock Bands - Extra Light

RockBands are RockTape’s durable and affordable resistance band for rehabilitation and mobility

  • $29.90

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Available in five resistances, they also include a movement booklet with corrective exercises that will help you make the most of your band.

As well as being a very usefull tool for rehabilitation, the rock bands can also be used as exercise tool for travel or to scale bodyweight movements while exercising at the gym or outdoors.

Movement Manifesto

Included with every RockBand is the RockTape Movement Manifesto, which features a multitude of RockBand-focused corrective mobility exercises and tips:

  • How to use RockBand
  • Detailed movements and exercises
  • Helpful hints about best ways to use RockBand
  • Breathing and proper alignment
  • Differentiating pain from discomfort
  • A full reference section that will appeal to medical professionals interested in learning more about movement techniques

 Five Resistances

RockBands are 105 cm long and are available in five different resistances, from extra light to extra heavy. They’re color-coded for quick identification:


  • 105cm/41in loop
  • Five resistance levels: 
    • Green: 15kg
    • Grey: 25 kg
    • Black: 35 kg
    • Red: 55 kg
    • Blue: 75 kg
  • Packaged one band at selected resistance
  • 100% Latex