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Spiky Peanut Massage Ball

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The peanut shape ball is perfectly suited to giving your spine a good loosen up as it has a nice groove down the middle for your vertebrae to rest in while bulging out to give the muscle down either side of your spine a nice firm massage. You can move it up and down your spine slowly, meaning at each level it:

  • Loosens up the muscles and other soft tissues and
  • Mobilizes your spine at the same time

if you have any neck, shoulder or upper back pain or a stiff back, This will be a great tool for you to try.

The peanut ball can also be used for other parts of the body such as feet, thighs, arms, neck, back….

The spikes on the peanut ball simulate the body’s pressure points similarly to acupuncture but without the need of skin piercing needles.

Because of its uneven surface, the pressure zone of a spiky ball will be broader than a non-spiky ball. It won’t go as deep but will produce acupuncture type stimulation. 


 Size: 15x7cm 

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