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Painpod Australian Review

Painpod Australian Review

Pain… comes in many forms, can be stimulated by many factors and is the number one influencer of any Australian’s quality of life. Therefore, controlling this feeling has been the main subject of scientific studies for decades. And while painkilling drugs are earning themselves a bad reputation for being very efficient yet so addictive, advanced technologies are recognised as a safer, more reliable choice for an addiction-free pain relief.

A perfect example of these technologies is the Painpod; this brand has been leading the industry in Australia lately by not only embracing and overcoming the pain control concept but actually enhancing the human body’s physical abilities to bare pain, accelerate recovery and increase muscle strength. By harnessing the latest advances in waveform science and micro currents in a simple-to-use compact devices, Painpod managed to capture everyone’s attention including doctors, physiotherapists, chiropractors, professional athletes and millions of regular users.
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Painpod XPV


Is Painpod for you?

Painpod is suited for both regular and professional use, the following is a list of what it can be used for:

- Managing and controlling all sorts of pain – chronic/acute pain, after surgery pain, instant pain caused by injuries , muscle soreness or even headaches).

- Enhancing performance and exercising tolerance on both short and long term – better exercise conditioning, 40% more stimulation of muscle fibers and faster recovery time by promoting a faster delivery of essential nutrients to your muscles.

- Providing a Drug free Protection during high intensity activities – lower risks of injury relapse, maximized blood flow to muscles for better warm-ups and an improved range of motion.

- Enhancing the body’s ability to heal and rehabilitate – Assisting proper tissue/muscle healing after surgery, pregnancy and intense workout activities.

Painpod user in gym



Why Painpod?

- Painpod’s biotechnology addresses pain, rehabilitation and recovery in a completely different way which separates it from other TENS/EMS devices.

- Getting the Painpod means that you’re getting the very latest technology advances in portable physical therapy devices.

- Unlike many other TENS/EMS brands, Painpod fully exploits the existing technology and went even further by developing their own proprietary technologies such as the Bitsim and Mi-cycle.

- Painpod‘s efficiency is scientifically proven and their products are recommended by some of the world’s best known sporting clubs and athletes.

- Alongside with the pads, Painpod also offer Belts, gloves, shoes and even socks which all can be connected to any Painpod device.

Woman using painpod in gym environment


Pros of Painpod as a Brand:

- Painpod’s devices/products are compact in size, ultra wearable and offer a 100% Drug free therapy

- The brand is recommended by certified professionals

- Painpod devices are simple to use and offer up to 12 different therapy modes to suit in everyone’s medical needs and/or personal preferences

- Painpod Allows multiple therapy mode at a time

- All Painpod devices are simple and easy to use on a daily basis

- Very cooperative and friendly customer support



Cons of Painpod as a Brand:

- Painpod’s products are relatively higher in price (due to their premium quality and high durability)

- Painpod battery can only be replaced by Painpod technicians

- Painpod does not offer wireless control over their pads

- Belts, socks, gloves, shoes and other accessories must be bought separately


What The Users Think:

These are some of many unbiased feedbacks from users who tested Painpod products:

Janelle Kenny:

( A housewife and a mother of two)

“Painpod have changed my life, from constant prescribed pain meds to nothing except a Panadol for a headache.”

Samara Whalley:

(A housewife)

“Quality and life changing product.. I haven't had to take Nurofen since using it!”.

Alice Cearns:

(Personal Trainer at Goodlife Hindmarsh)

“I used to think that recovery was just taking a day out of the gym, but that all changed when I was introduced to Painpod”.


(Athlete and Painpod Australia Ambassador)

“… I haven’t trained too hard this year but I’ve had Painpod in my corner to make sure my body is performing at its best“.

In Conclusion

Painpod is a premium brand and owning one of its devices means that you are putting the very latest physical-therapy technology in the palm of your hand, literally. We highly recommend this brand.





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