What is the Difference Between Upright GO and Upright GO 2?

The New Upright device Upright GO 2 has arrived in Australia! You might have been wondering what this new device brings on the table. There are some differences between the 2 famous posture trainer devices from Upright, Upright GO and Upright Go 2.

Let’s see how both devices work so you can choose the most adapted to you.  


What is Upright GO?

The Upright GO is the second product from Upright Pose. Released late 2017 in Australia , this device is very easy to use.

It is small and light and has been designed to be used on the upper body.

The Upright GO can be used for short training or used all day.

Every time you start slouching, Upright GO will vibrate to remind you to keep your position upright.

Your position throughout the day and your progress are recorded in the app and you can refer to it at any time.

The Upright GO is recommended for you if you slouch from the neck, shoulders or the upper back.

What is Upright GO 2?

The Upright GO 2 is the newest product of Upright Pose. Just released this month in Australia, it is a more advanced product.

The Upright GO 2 is smaller, more sensitive and has a longer battery life ( 3 times longer in fact! Up to 3 days of use)

The new Upright Go fits more comfortably on the spine, thanks to its larger adhesive.

The new multi-sensor offers a more precise monitoring of your posture and provides a better feedback.

Both Devices require the download of a free app, available on IOS and Android. The app helps control and adjust the device and the settings. It also offers multiple training programs to help improve your posture.

A direct access to the support team is available within the app. The friendly team is always available to help setting up the device or help troubleshoot any issue you could encounter.

So what are you waiting for? Improve your posture with Upright GO!


Upright GO and Upright GO 2 Compared

Upright Go Upright GO 2

Product Photos





12 grams

11 grams


1 days usage

approximately 12 hours of constant use

3 days usage

approximately 30, hours of constant use


Long lasting

40% wider





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