Theraband Flexbar Review - How To Use The Flexbar?

Tennis elbow is a common afflication amongst tennis and golf players, but any person practicing an activity involving wrist and arm motions can also be affected.

Tennis and golfer’s elbow occur when too much stress is applied on the tendons attaching muscles to bones. If you are or have been affected by a tennis elbow injury, then you know how hard it is to get rid of it!

Luckily, there is a tool that can help recover from this injury. The Theraband FlexBar is a portable, efficient and affordable product designed to help with the recovery.

The Theraband Flexbar targets and stimulate muscles and tendons in a way that the muscle lengthen and contract simultaneously, making it easier to perform bending, twisting or oscillating exercises.

It has been proven that using Theraband Flexbar improves upper extremities and decreases pain.


The Theraband Flexbar

Theraband have been in the market for the past 40 years with a solid reputation of creating high quality resistance training and personal wellness products.

The Flexbar is one of their products, specificaly designed to help with the treatment of golfer’s elbow and tennis elbow.

This premium product is renowned for its durability and effectiveness.

It is considered to be a low price, non-surgical solution to increase strength and endurance through a series of bending, twisting and oscillating exercises/movements.

These exercises are proven to improve grip and strengthen forearm muscles which is crucial for treating Golfer/Tennis elbow.

man using flexbar

The Theraband FlexBar is made out of natural rubber and has a texture made of light ridges allowing an optimum grip when using the bar. This tool comes in 4 resistance levels (extra light, light, medium and heavy). Choosing the correct level ensures that users of all age gender and strength, have the ideal tool for their specific condition.

man holding flexbar

Resistance levels

Theraband FlexBar offers 4 different resistance levels. The tools are colour coded, from the lightest option to the heaviest: Yellow, Red, Green and Blue.


Light resistance flexbar

Yellow (Extra light resistance)

This is the lightest resistance level. It is mainly used by users who have a high degree of elbow pain or with a smaller body build/structure. This level requires the least amount of effort to bend the FlexBar® to a U shape (only 2.72 Kgs of force needed) and it also has the smallest diameter.

Get the yellow if you are:

  •  Suffering for a very severe injury.
  •  A woman/kid with a small body structure.

Red (Light resistance)

The next resistance level in FlexBar comes in red and it takes a bit more force to bend to a U shape (4.53 Kgs. of force needed). This resistance level is the typical starting point for women with regular built.

We recommend buying this light resistance Flexbar if you are:

  •  A lighter built man with a severe injury.
  •  If you’re a regular built woman.


Green (Medium resistance)

The following resistance level is pretty challenging for some, it takes 6.8 Kgs. of force to bend the resistance bar to a U shape and it’s considered the typical starting point for men.
You should get the green resistance level if you’re a man looking to treat Tennis elbow or Golfer’s elbow or just wanting to strengthen your grip and your forearm muscles.

We highly recommend this resistance level if you are:

  •  A man with a regular body structure.

Blue (Heavy resistance)

Heavy resistance flaxbar

This is by far the heaviest resistance level in a Flexbar; it takes 11.30 kgs. of force to bend the bar to a U shape. It is challenging to train with it.

We recommend buying the blue one if you are:

  •  A man with a strong body structure.


How to use the Theraband Flexbar?

The Theraband FlexBar is a very simple tool to use once you pick the right resistance level for your case (make sure you focus on that part).

Note: Each of the following exercises is proven to work for the majority of users when following a routine of three sets of 15 repetitions daily over six weeks.


The Tyler twist exercise

The Tyler twist is the most popular exercise, it focuses on creating an excentric movement for the wrist extensors (traction + lengthening) which was shown by countless users to deliver a high level of efficiency in treating their tennis elbow.

tyler twist instructions

The Reverse Tyler twist exercise

Following the success of the Tyler twist, the demand on a similar movement for people suffering from golfer’s elbow increased. PT. Tim Tyler came up with a similar movement that creates an excentric contraction of the wrist flexers and pronators.

reverse tyler twist instructions

You can read more about the exercises on the Theraband website here

Flexbars all 4 colours

Some reviews from Flexbar users

Laura M.

“I work at a PT/OT clinic and this is a great product for patients who have hurt their wrist, elbow, arm &/or shoulder. I highly recommend it…”


Casey D.

“I work as an Occupational Therapy Assistant and we use these with patients often.There are so many exercises that can be done ”.


Erick D.

“I use my Flexbar daily and as a result my tendonitis symptoms have been resolved. Ten twist repetitions each arm every day. An A plus device!”



“Really digging this flexbar by theraband recommended by my physcial therapist to treat my elbow…”



The information contained in this article is for general information purposes only. The indications provided are not a prescription and cannot substitute the recommendation of a health practitioner. We recommend that you seek the advice of your GP, physiotherapist or health practitioner before buying any item on Back To Sport.

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