Upright Pro Posture Trainer Australian Review

A bad posture is one of the most common conditions Australians suffer from; it can be caused by long hours spent behind a desk or worsen as we age. And while the causes may vary from one person to the other, treating this condition requires time, effort and most importantly CONSISTENCY which is something that many people can’t achieve because of to their busy life.

Fortunately, scientists managed to develop smart wearable devices that can detect a bad posture, help improve it dramatically, take little to no effort to operate and that can be used literally anywhere. In this article we will be reviewing Upright PRO, one of the leading Posture Training devices in the industry.

Upright Pro on Lower Back


What is Upright PRO?

UPRIGHT is a multiple awards-winning posture training brand (Winner of “Health and Wellbeing Tech of the Year” 2017); The upright PRO is their very first product, which is aimed to help you achieve a better posture while performing your daily tasks. Its goal is to stimulate your muscles’ memory to maintain that good posture on the long term. Once this smart wearable device is switched on and connected to the free mobile app, it is then attached directly to the upper or lower back using small adhesives that come with it.

Upright Go Device with box

Basically, the device will start generating vibrations whenever you’re slouching and stop when you’re not, it is a very simple concept but there’s a lot more to this technology than it seems. Equipped with a lot more sensors and allowing a more accurate detection than most posture training devices, Upright PRO managed to top all its competition and lead the market.

Upright PRO is hand

Another feature about Upright PRO is that it gives instant feedback (Unlike other devices which may take up to 3 seconds to notify the user), and not to mention the custom 21 days training plans generated by Upright PRO’s app which is yet another great feature that will help you achieve your ideal posture goals.

Upright PRO with adhesives

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Is Upright PRO for you?

The following is a list of conditions where upright PRO’s treatment is recommended:

- Lordosis syndrome (sway back).

- Kyphosis syndrome (forward head posture)

- Upper Crossed Syndrome.

- Weak or tight shoulders/back muscles

- Any kind of Back pain caused by bad posture habits.


The Pros of Using Upright PRO:

- Equipped with a free yet premium mobile app (Won Best Medical App 2016 by MEDICA).

- Custom app-generated training plans.

- Attaches directly to the skin through hypoallergenic adhesives.

- Can be worn while sitting, standing or even walking.

-  Dynamic shape (almost invisible when attached under everyday clothes.)

- Can be attached to the upper and lower back.

- Water resistant (against moisture and sweats).


The Cons of Using Upright PRO:

- Must be paused when switching positions (from sitting to standing for example) otherwise the device will keep vibrating.

- Must be calibrated before each use (might take a minute or two).

- Can only be connected through Bluetooth (Wi-Fi connection is not supported).

- Relatively higher in price due to its high durability, advanced features and quality built.


Feedback from users:

Justin Saint:

(Freelance Makeup Artist)

‘’Oh man. Been wearing my upright at the office for the last five days to work on my Princess posture for an upcoming Cosplay and I am working muscles I didn't realize were needed to sit upright...’’

David Convokes:

(Fitness athlete and Art Director)

“…I've made the mistake of hitting the gym after holding my body in the wrong position. This gadget here keeps me mindful of my posture using vibrations and a tracking app.”

Dr.Justin Lin:

(Physical therapist)

“… I am ecstatic about what Upright PRO has done so far for me and my patients. I believe the potential it will have on the impact of the society in the future for those who own one.”


(Physical therapist)

“…At that price, it’s really money well spent, especially if you’re having back pain or neck pain.”



In Conclusion

Based on research, feedbacks and countless success stories from users, it is safe enough to say that Upright PRO is the best posture training device you can get for the price, we highly recommend it.

If you wish to learn more about this product and the various studies that have been conducted, we invite to read this article: The Studies behind the Upright Pro Posture Trainer

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